MetroExchange is an industry-academia partnership project, which aims to improve rail engineering education and research in Thailand by focusing on exchange of good practice in assessment of metro operations in the UK and in Thailand. This will be achieved by working in a close collaboration between two universities and two metro operators. Project partners will facilitate performance benchmarking and skills exchange activities.



  • August 2018: Project meeting update (UK)

Picture: MetroExchange project team meeting: Nexus and NU. August 2018, Nexus, UK. A progress of an NU student’s internship with Nexus was discussed.

  • April 2018: Project kick-off meeting (UK)

Picture: MetroExchange project team: Nexus, NU and MU. April 2018, Newcastle University, UK. Project deliverables, student internships and overall timescale for tasks were discussed.

  • April 2018: Project kick-off meeting (TH)

Picture: MetroExchange project team: BTS and MU. April 2018, BTS, Bangkok. Student internships and project deliverables were discussed.

About MetroExchange project

MetroExchange project full title is: “Thai rail engineering education and research improvement by exchange of good practice in metro operations in Thailand and in the UK” 

MetroExchange project is divided into 4 Work Packages: 

  • Education 
  • Research 
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Management and Dissemination

MetroExchange objectives:

 1. To build staff capacity in delivering excellent rail engineering higher education in Thailand by organising activities jointly delivered by Thai and the UK project partners: 

  • student internships 
  • summer school 
  • a short course 
  • case teaching 

2. To engage Thai and the UK project industry partners in delivering excellent collaborative rail engineering research by suggesting metro operations-related research topics: 

  • academia-industry supervisory teams 
  • innovation in rail engineering education research 

3. To share rail/metro operations knowledge between academia and industry by organising events led by the partners and open to a wider audience: 

  • two forum discussions 
  • scientific papers

MetroExchange project duration: 2 years (April 2018 – March 2020)

MetroExchange partners are:

  • Nexus, UK
  • BTS, Thailand
  • Newcastle University, UK
  • Mahidol University, TH

MetroExchange funders: Newton Fund (UK) + OHEC (TH)

MetroExchange Newsletters:


Dr Waressara Weerawat 

Mahidol University, Thailand 

Dr Marin Marinov 

Newcastle University, UK