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Lect. Dr. Kritsanat Surakit



D.Eng. Water Resources Engineering
M.Eng. Water Resources Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Professional Specialization and Research Interests

Water Resources Planning and Management, Mathematical Model Application in Water Resources Engineering, Mathematical Model Development, Climate Change, Flood Forecasting and Warning System

Complete Research Project

Project Title: Surveying and Improving Wetlands, Water Resources, and Natural Channels Inventory Project.
Co-Investigator: Dr. Kritsanat Surakit
Source of Funding: Water Resources Department Period: 2008-2009

Contact information

Ongoing Research Projects

Project Title: Real Time Flood Forecasting and Warning System for the Upper Ping and Yom River Basins.
Co-Investigator: Dr. Kritsanat  Surakit
Source of Funding: Royal Irrigation Department
Budget: 29,400 $
Period: 2009-2010
Project Title: Sedimentation Management and Decision Support System for Water Resources Management in Bung Boraphet.
Co-Investigator: Dr. Kritsanat  Surakit
Source of Funding: Kasetsart University Research and Development Insititute
Budget: 62,000 $
Period: 2008-2010

Recent Research Publications – Peer reviewed Journals/Conference Proceedings

  • Surakit K, Sriwongsitanon N. Daily water budget model for water resource management of Bung Boraphet. Engineering Journal Kasetsart 2007; 20(61): pp.29-37.
  • Surakit K, Sriwongsitanon N. Dry season water balance study for Boraphet Lake: 9th National Convention Thailand on Civil Engineering, May 19-21, 2004, Petchaburi. 
  • Surakit K, Sriwongsitanon N. An investigation of changes in physical characteristics of Bung Boraphet and surrounding area using satellite imagery: 12th National Convention Thailand on Civil Engineering, May 2-4, 2007, Pitsanulok.
  • Sriwongsitanon N, Surakit K, Hawkins PR, Chandrasena NR. Planning for wise-use of Bung Boraphet Wetland's water resources: 3rd APHW Conference, October 16-18, 2006, Thailand.
  • Sriwongsitanon N, Surakit K, Hawkins PR. The daily water budget for Bung Boraphet. Water Resources Management 2007; 2(1): pp.17-26.
  • Sriwongsitanon N, Surakit K, Hawkins PR, Chandrasena NR. Decision support tools for water resource management: A case study  of Bung Boraphet Wetland, Thailand. Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 2007; 2(1): pp.17-26.