karin.sum@mahidol.edu, karin.sum@mahidol.ac.th

Karin Sumongkayothin, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Computer Engineering Department

Teaching Courses

EGCO111 Programming Language

EGCO334 Microprocessor and Interfaces

EGCO381 Blockchain Technology

EGCO474 Software Reverse Engineering


Ph.D. in Information Science 2017, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology 2017, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

M.En. in Microelectronic 2003, Asia Institute of Technology

B.En. in Electrical Engineering 1999, Kasetsart University

Grants and Awards

  • Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research 2015, 2016, 2017Supported by “Japan Science and Technology Agency”, CREST and “Infrastructure Development for Promoting International S&T”
  • Best paper award 2016 International Conference on Applications and Technologies in Information Security (ATIS) 
  • Grant supported 2015 Supported by “The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation”  
  • Partial Monbukagakusho Honor Scholarship 2015 – 2016 Supported by Japanese Government.
  • Full PhD. Dual Degree Program Scholarship 2014 – 2017 JAIST, SIIT, and NECTEC.


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• A. Chindaudom, P. Sukasem, P. Benjasirimonkol, K. Sumonkayothin, P. Siritanawan, and K. Kotani. “AdversarialQR revisited: Improving the adversarial efficacy”, International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2020), pages 799 – 806, 18 November 2020, Bangkok, Thailand.

• A. Chindaudom , K. Sumongkayothin, P. Siritanawan, and K. Kotani. “AdversarialQR: An adversarial patch in QR code format”, Proceeding in International Conference on Imageing, Vision

• K. Sumongkayothin, P. Rachtrachoo, A. Yupuech, and K. Siriporn. “OVERSCAN: OAuth 2.0 Scanner for Missing Parameters”, Proceeding in International Conference on Network and System Security (NSS 2018), 15 December 2019, Sapporo, Japan.

• K. Sumongkayothin. “M-ORAM Revisited: Security and Construction Updates”, Proceeding in International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC 2018), pages 521 – 532, 6 September 2018, Tokyo, Japan.

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• S. Gordon, A. Miyaji, C. Su, K. Sumongkayothin, “M-ORAM: A Matrix ORAM with Log N Bandwidth Cost”, Proceeding in 16 th World Conference on Information Security Applications (WISA), pages 3 – 15, August 2015, Jeju Island, Korea. Revised Selected papers. (Corresponding Author)