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Asst. Prof. Mingmanas Sivaraksa, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Computer Engineering Department

Teaching Course

  • EGCO 111 Computer Programming
  • EGCO 112 Programming Techniques
  • EGCO 463 Pattern Recognition
  • EGCI 111 Computer Programming
  • EGCI 212 Programming Techniques
  • EGCI 463 Pattern Recognition
  • EGCO 663 Decision Support System


  • Ph.D. (Information Engineering) Aston University, UK 2009


– Variant Annotation and Clinical interpretation software for Cancer (VARCIN):
Report generating software for targeted therapy method International Workshop on
Image, Information, and Intelligent Applications, 2016 (pp 33-45)

– Prudtipongpun, V., Buakeaw, W., Rattanapongsen, T. and Sivaraksa, M., 2015,
November. Indoor Navigation System for Vision-Impaired Individual: An
Application on Android Devices. In Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based
Systems (SITIS), 2015 11th International Conference on (pp. 633-638). IEEE.

– Somboonying, A. and Sivaraksa, M. Forest Fire Management and Risk prediction
System in Chiangmai provice: The 8th National Conference on Computing and
Information Technology (NCCIT 2012), 9-10 May 2012, KMUTNB, Bangkok,

– Saeting, P. and Sivaraksa M. A comparative study f maximizing sell benefit,The
International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC 2012), 17-19
October 2012, Pattaya, Thailand.

Research Interest

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics
  • Neural Networks & Deep Networks