Joined PASIA's Web Conference about Global Vaccine Supply Chain Management

On 28 January 2021, Dr. Rawinkan Srinon was invited to be one of panelists for Vaccine Supply Chain Management Web-Conference (Series 1) in topic: “Supply Chain Visibility and Traceability, and the implications for the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution”. This Web-Conference is PASIA's first of a series Global Web Conference on Vaccine Supply Chain taking place on 28-29 January 2021 with the theme “Global Vaccine Supply Chain Management: Mobilizing to a responsive and effective immunization supply chain.” By Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) and Management Association of Philippines.


Her talk touches challenges related to vaccine COVID-19 distribution. Some countries might receive different vaccines which require dissimilar storage and distribution temperatures. It is imperative to appraise and prepare country’s vaccine cold chain network structure and capability. It is critical to ensure supply chain visibility of where about and the amount of the vaccines. Additionally, traceability system of vaccine distribution network should also be properly designed and implemented. The track and trace should not only be of the logistics processes, but also of the patient vaccinating process. It is to validate effectiveness of immunization progression of the nation. Influencing factors and challenges are discussed.

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