Master of Engineering in environmental and water resources

Master of Engineering in environmental and water resources


August 16


2 Years


August 15, 2016


2 Years



This new International Masters Program in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at Mahidol University has following features; Problem Based Learning (PBL) in place of traditional teaching, to deal with industry and society related problems, an integrated program based on Environmental and Water Resources Engineering knowledge. Students will have opportunity to go abroad such as to Kyoto University in Japan, Seoul National University in South Korea, and National University of Singapore in Singapore for gaining research training and experience. The curriculum comprises lectures, problem solving, practical exercises, project work including reporting by student groups as well as written course examinations and an oral examination based on the project work.

Curriculum Structure

The program is set according to the Ministry of Education Announcement titled “Standard Criteria for Graduate Studies 2005”, with specified plan A(2) curriculum.

Foundation Courses – non credits

Required Courses 19 credits

Elective Courses not less than 6 credits

Thesis 12 credits

Total not less than 37 credits

· Water and Wastewater Engineering

· Hydraulic Engineering

· Applied Hydrology

· Water Quality Engineering

· Air Pollution Engineering

· Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

· Feasibility Study for Water Resources Project

· Water Resources Systems Analysis and Management Planning

· Seminar in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

· Skills Enhancement through Problem Based Learning

· Physico-Chemical Processes

· Biological Processes

· Clean Technology

· Membrane Technology

· Waste Reuse and Recycling

· Principles of Toxicology

· Soil Pollution Engineering

· Air Pollution Modeling and Applications

· Life Cycle Assessment

· Micropollutants Control Engineering

· Applied Wastewater Microbiology

· Sediment and Pollutant Transport

· Flood and Drought Management

· Reservoir System Planning and Management

· Hydroinformatics in Water Resources Engineering

· Impact of Climate Change on Environment and Water Resources

· Geographic Information System for Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

· Remote Sensing for Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

· Special Study


Students are encouraged to discuss the research topic with their faculty advisor as soon as possible once they enter the program.

Students may take other courses available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Mahidol University, or other universities upon his/her interest and/or according to the approval from programme administration committee or student advisor.


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