About Us

About Us

Welcome to Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University

Our website contains relevant information for current and prospective students, and other organizations who would like to use our research and education services. Our main mission is to educate our students with strong knowledge and technical skills in civil and environmental engineering, and applying them properly. In addition, our graduates must be able to communicate and transfer their knowledge to others.


 The vision of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is to provide a comprehensive education required for professional practice and consultancy service in civil engineering, as well as advanced research and innovation.  With its short history, the department has produced more than thousands of high quality civil engineers who are already working in important positions in government organizations, leading private sectors and educational institutions both nationally and internationally.  Our department has been recognized to produce graduates with technical competency, ethical standard and practice, which is the definition of “Civil Engineer, Mahidol University”.


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has a mission to produce Civil Engineers of high caliber, technical skills and ethical values to serve the society and nation. The Department is committed to develop competent professionals by offering outcome-based curriculum in Civil Engineering, promoting research and innovation to prepare the students for higher study, life-long learning and societal responsibility. The department is also committed to provide good learning environment to develop professional ethics and skills in our students and to provide engineering services to the society.