Asst.Prof.Dr. Pornchai Bumroongsri


Room 310/8, 3rd floor, Engineering Building 1


(02)889-2138 ext 6101-3, 6115



1) D.Eng, Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 2013

2) M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 2009

3) B.Eng, Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 2008


Undergraduate Program (in least 3 years)

  • EGCH 401 Process Dynamics and Control (2015-current)
  • EGCH 409 Chemical Engineering Plant Design (2015-current)


Graduate Program (in least 3 years)

  • EGCH 607 Advanced Transport Phenomena (2015-current)
  • EGCH 608 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (2015-current)
  • EGCH 680 Optimization Theory in Chemical Processes (2015-current)

Research Focus

  • Advanced Process Control in Chemical Processes
  • Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Processes
  • Optimization in Chemical Processes


  • Yadbantung, R., and Bumroongsri, P., “Tube-based robust output feedback MPC for constrained LTV systems with applications in chemical processes,” European Journal of Control, in press, 2018
  • Bumroongsri, P., and Kheawhom, S., “Robust Model Predictive Control with time-varying tubes,” International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, vol. 15, 2017, pp. 1479-1484.
  • Kheawhom, S., and Bumroongsri, P., “Interpolation techniques for robust constrained model predictive control based on polyhedral invariant set,” IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, vol. 34, 2017, pp. 501-519.
  • Bumroongsri, P., and Kheawhom, S., “An off-line formulation of tube-based robust MPC using polyhedral invariant sets,” Chemical Engineering Communications, vol. 203, 2016, pp. 736-745.
  • Bumroongsri, P., “Tube-based robust MPC for linear time-varying systems with bounded disturbances,” International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, vol. 13, 2015, pp. 620-625.
  • Bumroongsri, P., and Kheawhom, S., “Off-line robust constrained MPC for linear time-varying systems with persistent disturbances,” Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2014, article id. 936093, pp. 1-8.
  • Bumroongsri, P., Witchayanuwat, W., and Kheawhom, S., “Experimental heat transfer coefficients of waste heat recovery unit in detergent manufacturing process,” Experimental Heat Transfer, vol. 26, 2013, pp. 114-125.

Awards and recognition

  • Outstanding paper in the 6thInternational Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Science Conference (ITIChE2016)


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The Control and Simulation Engineering Laboratory (CASE LAB) has been established as the center for the research activities associated with modeling, simulation and control in industrial chemical processes. The laboratory has been equipped with advanced hi-speed computers to test the newly developed algorithms for complicated modeling and simulation tasks. The prototype units for industrial applications such as heterogeneous reactors and advanced process controllers have also been developed for teaching and learning activities of the students. The laboratory has active collaborations with various industrial companies for research and development projects.


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