Mahidol International School of Engineering

Undergraduate programs offered:

An International Multidisciplinary Program in Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Biomedical Engineering (International Program, Multidisciplinary Program)

This program aims to develop graduates through research-based and outcome-based education. Program accreditation complies with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) to be submitted for evaluation in 2019. Graduates will acquire the skill and knowledge fundamental to career-long professional competence and meet current and emerging Biomedical Engineering needs.


An International Program in Chemical Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Chemical Engineering (International Program)

This program is designed to educate graduates with sound academic knowledge, employability skills, and global competencies through outcome-based education. A blend of learner-centered instruction and assessment will be implemented to equip students with theoretical knowledge and prepare them for future careers.


An International Multidisciplinary Program in Industrial Engineering with a Major in Dairy and Beverage Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Industrial Engineering with a Major in Dairy and Beverage Engineering (International program, Interdisciplinary Program)

Being the first in Thailand, this program is exclusively designed to prepare students for emerging ASEAN and Global manufacturing markets. Upon the completion of the program, students will have competencies in Industrial Engineering along with microbiology and holistic DBE process engineering. Besides, our graduates will obtain the essential skills of collaborative management, leadership, and English competencies. This program is developed in collaboration with Dutch Mill Co., Ltd. and Alliance Companies.


Application for Admission to International Program for Undergraduate Students

Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University. Map

Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University.

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