Research collaboration

The Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to the highest standard in education and research. We continuously direct our research efforts in many of the frontier areas of engineering science and technology. Catalytic and biochemical process for biofuels, bioenergy and biorefinery engineering, advanced process simulation and atomistic modelling, advanced separation and purification processes, advanced and smart material engineering, food and pharmaceutical engineering are our focused research areas.

For the research collaboration, many faculty cooperate with colleagues in the department, with colleagues in other departments and with other groups outside the university. Students are often co-advised by two faculty members, and laboratories and equipment are shared freely.

International collaborations have been continuously carrying on in many universities in most of continents such as North America, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. Research exchange scholarships are provided for both graduate and undergraduate students to get their professional research experience aboard.

Apart from that, many industrial collaborations have been intensively established in recent years for the purposes of research and academic services. We aim at making a great contribution on sustainable innovation and development for the world’s bioeconomy model.