Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chularat Sakdaronnarong


Room 310/4, 3rd floor, Engineering Building 1


(02)889-2138 ext 6101-3, 6104



1) Dr.Techn. Chemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, 2008

2) M.Eng. Food Engineering, Kasetsart University, 2004

3) B.Eng. Food Engineering (First class honor), Kasetsart University, 2000


Undergraduate Program (in least 3 years)

  • EGCH 105 Chemical Processes Engineering
  • EGCH 206 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  • EGCH 300 Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • EGCH 303 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
  • EGCH 307 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
  • EGCH 495 Chemical Engineering Seminar
  • EGCH 496 Chemical Engineering Project


Graduate Program (in least 3 years)

  • EGCH 622 Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics
  • EGCH 667 Renewable Energy and Biofuels
  • EGCH 694 Seminar in Chemical Engineering
  • EGCH 695 Research Methodology in Chemical Engineering
  • EGCH 698 Thesis


Research Focus

  • Bioresources and biorefinery to biofuels and energy e.g. ethanol, furans, phenolic oil, bio-crude, microbial fuel cells (MFCs), biomethane, biohydrogen
  • Biochemical and thermochemical conversion of bioresources to building block chemicals e.g. sugars, ethanol, lactic acid, formic acid, furans, phenolic compounds
  • Biobased material from biomass i.e. superabsorbent hydrogel, nanocellulose, lignin valorization to PU foam, carbon materials

Selected Publications

  • Panyadee R, Posoknistakul P, Laosiripojana N, Ahamad T, Matsagar BM, Wu KCW, Sakdaronnarong C. Lignin Derived Syringol and Acetosyringone from Mild Oxidative Heterogeneous Depolymerization from Palm Empty Fruit Bunch over Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts CuxOy/FexOy/Al2O3 and CuxOy/FexOy/SiO2 Under Microwave Heating. Molecules 2021, 26(24), 7444.
  • Muangsuwan C, Kriprasertkul W, Ratchahat S, Liu CG, Posoknistakul P, Laosiripojana N, Sakdaronnarong C. Upgrading of Light Bio-oil from Solvothermolysis Liquefaction of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch in Glycerol by Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation Using NiMo/Al2O3 and CoMo/Al2O3 Catalysts. ACS Omega 2021, 6(4); 2999–3016.
  • Aimdate K, Srifa A, Koo-amornpattana W, Sakdaronnarong C, Klysubun W, Kiatphuengporn S, Assabumrungrat S, Wongsakulphasatch S, Kaveevivitchai W, Sudoh M, Watanabe R, Fukuhara C, Ratchahat S*. Natural Kaolin-Based Ni Catalysts for CO2 Methanation: On the Effect of Ce Enhancement and Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis. ACS Omega. 2021;6(21):13779-94.
  • Uttamaprakrom W, Reubroycharoen P, Charoensiritanasin P, Tatiyapantarak J, Srifa A, Koo-Amornpattana W, Chaiwat W, Sakdaronnarong C, Sudoh W, Watanabe R, Fukuhara C, Ratchahat S. Development of Ni–Ce/Al-MCM-41 catalysts prepared from natural kaolin for CO2 methanation. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9(5): 106150.
  • Ratchahat S, Srifa A, Koo-amornpattana W, Sakdaronnarong C, Charinpanitkul T, Wu KCW, Show PL, Kodama S, Tanthapanichakoon W, Sekiguchi H. Syngas production with low tar content from cellulose pyrolysis in molten salt combined with Ni/Al2O3 catalyst. J Anal Appl Pyrolysis. 2021:158:105243-52.
  • Kludpantanapan T, Nantapong P, Rattanaamonkulchai R, Srifa A, Koo-Amornpattana W, Chaiwat W, Sakdaronnarong C, Charinpanitkul T, Assabumrungrat S, Wongsakulphasatch S, Sudoh M, Watanabe R, Fukuhara C, Ratchahat S. Simultaneous production of hydrogen and carbon nanotubes from biogas: On the effect of Ce addition to CoMo/MgO catalyst. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2021;46(77):38175-90.
  • Sinbuathong N, Charnnok B, Sillapacharoenkul B, Sakdaronnarong C. Preparation of active hydrogen-producing cultures from palm oil mill sludge for biohydrogen production system. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2021;46(57):29100-7
  • Srinophakun P, Thanapimmetha A, Rohitatisha Srinophakun T, Parakulsuksatid P, Sakdaronnarong C, Vilaipan M, et al. Techno-economic analysis for bioethanol plant with multi lignocellulosic feedstocks. International Journal of Renewable Energy Development. 2020;9(3):319-28.
  • Sangjan A, Ngamsiri P, Klomkliang N, Wu KCW, Matsagar BM, Ratchahat S, Liu CG, Laosiripojana N, Sakdaronnarong C. Effect of microwave-assisted wet torrefaction on liquefaction of biomass from palm oil and sugarcane wastes to bio-oil and carbon nanodots/nanoflakes by hydrothermolysis and solvothermolysis. Renew Energy. 2020;154:1204-17.
  • Sakdaronnarong C, Sangjan A, Boonsith S, Kim DC, Shin HS. Recent developments in synthesis and photocatalytic applications of carbon dots. Catalysts. 2020;10(3).
  • Puengprasert P, Chalobol T, Sinbuathong N, Srinophakhun P, Thanapimmetha A, Liu CG, Zhao XQ, Sakdaronnarong, C. A combined cellulosic and starchy ethanol and biomethane production with stillage recycle and respective cost analysis. Renew Energy. 2020;157:444-55.
  • Srinophakun P, Thanapimmetha A, Srinophakun TR, Parakulsuksatid P, Sakdaronnarong C, Vilaipan M, Saisriyoot M. Techno-Economic Analysis for Bioethanol Plant with Multi Lignocellulosic Feedstocks. International Journal of Renewable Energy Development 2020;9(3):319-28.
  • Sakdaronnarong C, Sraphet S, Srisawad N, Chantasod R, Jonglertjunya W, Triwitayakorn K. Rheological characteristics and genotype correlation of cassava root for very high gravity ethanol production: The influence of cassava varieties and harvest times. Biotechnol Appl Biochem. 2020;67(1):105-16.
  • Liu Q, Li K, Liu CG, Zhao XQ, Bai FW, Sakdaronnarong C, Srinophakun P, Srinophakun TR. Complex effects of wax on ionic liquid pretreatment of oil palm empty fruit bunch. Industrial Crops and Products. 2020;
  • Liu CG, Li K, Li KY, Sakdaronnarong C, Mehmood MA, Zhao XQ, Bai F. Intracellular Redox Perturbation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Improved Furfural Tolerance and Enhanced Cellulosic Bioethanol Production. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. 2020;
  • Intaramas K, Sakdaronnarong C, Liu CG, Mehmood MA, Jonglertjunya W, Laosiripojana N. Sequential catalytic-mixed-milling and thermohydrolysis of cassava starch improved ethanol fermentation. Food and Bioproducts Processing. 2019;114:72-84.
  • Dilokekunakul W, Klomkliang N,  Sakdaronnarong C,  Chaemchuen S,  Do, DD,  Nicholson D. Structure of methanol sub-monolayer on functionalized graphite at temperatures below the triple point. Colloids and Surfaces A 2019;577:110-117.
  • Pangsang N, Rattanapan U, Thanapimmetha A, Srinopphakhun P, Liu CG, Zhao XQ, Bai FW, Sakdaronnarong C. Chemical-free fractionation of palm empty fruit bunch and palm fiber by hot-compressed water technique for ethanol production. Energy Reports. 2019;5:337-48.
  • Asawaworarit P, Daorattanachai P, Laosiripojana W, Sakdaronnarong C, Shotipruk A, Laosiripojana N. Catalytic depolymerization of organosolv lignin from bagasse by carbonaceous solid acids derived from hydrothermal of lignocellulosic compounds. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2019;356:461-71.
  • Laosiripojana W, Kiatkittipong W, Sakdaronnarong C, Assabumrungrat S, Laosiripojana N. Catalytic hydrotreatment of pyrolysis-oil with bimetallic Ni-Cu catalysts supported by several mono-oxide and mixed-oxide materials. Renewable Energy. 2019:1048-55.
  • Narkpiban K, Sakdaronnarong C, Nimchua T, Pinmanee P, Thongkred P, Poonsawat T. The effect of mechano-enzymatic treatment on the characteristics of cellulose nanofiber obtained from kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) bark. BioResources. 2019;14(1):99-119.
  • Charnnok B, Sakdaronnarong C, Sinbuathong N. Hydrothermal pretreatment with sulfonated bentonite catalyst enhances potassium removal and bioconversion of oil palm empty fruit bunch to sugar and biohydrogen. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. 2018. Doi: 10.1007/s13399-018-0360-4
  • Pangsang N, Sakdaronnarong C, Thanapimmetha A, Srinophakun P. High ethanol production from oil palm empty fruit bunch pretreated by hot-compressed water technique. 2018 IEEE 5th International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences, ICETAS 2018; 2019. Doi:10.1109/ICETAS.2018.8629187
  • Viseshsin N, Sukhitkul P, Panyadee R, Sakdaronnarong C, Posoknistakul P. Study of vanillin formation under oxygen delignification process. 2018 IEEE 5th International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences, ICETAS 2018; 2019. Doi: 10.1109/ICETAS.2018.8629121

Awards and recognition

  • Best Academic Staff Award of Engineering Faculty 2021
  • Faculty of Engineering Senate’s Sample Lecturer Award 2021
  • Research Subsidy from Thailand Toray Foundation, 2018.
  • Research Reward, Mahidol University, 2015.
  • Consolation Prize on “Solid Phase Fermentation and Saccharification Sugarcane Bagasse from Sugar Industry for production of C5 and C6 sugars as Precursors for Biorefinery Processes” from Sci. & Tech Initiative and Sustainability Awards, STISA#5. Held by The Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE), SCG Chemicals and Dow Chemical, 2012.
  • Consolation Prize on “Improvement of Hydrophobic Properties and Porosity of Biocomposite Foam” from Sci. & Tech Initiative and Sustainability Awards, STISA#5. Held by The Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE), SCG Chemicals and Dow Chemical, 2012.
  • Excellent Thesis Awards, The Graduate School, Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2005.
  • Dean’s list, The Graduate School, Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2005.
  • Industrial award for outstanding engineering project, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, 2000.

Work/Research experience

  • 2019 NRF-NRCT Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea, 2019-2020
  • Visiting Scholar, Workshop on Next-Generation Eco-Production Systems by young researchers, Kobe University, Japan, 2018
  • Visiting Scholar, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (NRCT-NSFC Grant), China, 2017
  • Post-doc at Vienna University of Technology, 2008-2009


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Dr. Chularat Sakdaronnarong focuses on the study of biotechnological and catalytic processes for biorefinery to produce high value chemicals, biofuels and materials from bioresources. This involves industrially practical lignocellulosic biomass fractionation, enzymatic and catalytic conversion of cellulose and hemicelluloses to nanocellulose, lactic acid, succinic acid, formic acid, sugars and furans, etc. Lignin valorization to carbon microspheres, phenolic oils, lignin-based PU foam as well as phenolic compounds which can be used in pharmaceutical industries is carrying on in her laboratory. Under the financial supports by national and international government as well as industrial sectors, several laboratory-scale and prototype-scale bioreactors and chemical reactors for biorefinery and bioresource processing have been designed and constructed. The investigation includes feedstocks processing, catalytic thermohydrolysis, carbonization, pyrolysis, oxidative degradation, dehydration/condensation reactions, as well as the study of reaction kinetics on the synthesis of building block chemicals for biofuels, advanced material and high value compounds.


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