Dr. Soontorn Tuntithavornwat


Room 310/8, 3rd floor, Engineering Building 1


(02)889-2138 ext 6101-3, 6115




1) PhD. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA (2016-2022)

2) M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering: Michigan Technological University, MI, USA, (2014-2016)

3) B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering: Mahidol University, Thailand, (2009-2013)


  • EGCH205 Transport Phenomena (2022-Present)
  • EGCH519 Drug delivery and Development (2022-Present)

Research Focus

  • Microfabrication : Organ on chip, drug screening platform, soft matter, micro-needles
  • Mechanobiology : Metastasis in vitro and in vivo models, cell migration, cancer biomarkers, intracellular ions transport, mechanotransduction and intracellular signaling.
  • Tissue engineering : Bioimplant, scaffold, 3D-printing, electroporation of cell in tissue

Selected Publications

  • “Confinement hinders motility by inducing RhoA-mediated nuclear influx, volume expansion, and blebbing.” Journal of Cell Biology12 (2019): 4093-4111.
  • “A direct podocalyxin–dynamin-2 interaction regulates cytoskeletal dynamics to promote migration and metastasis in pancreatic cancer cells.” Cancer research11 (2019): 2878-2891.
  • “Dorsoventral polarity directs cell responses to migration track geometries.” Science advances 31 (2020): eaba6505.
  • “The fluid shear stress sensor TRPM7 regulates tumor cell intravasation.” Science advances 28 (2021): eabh3457.
  • “Giant obscurin regulates migration and metastasis via RhoA-dependent cytoskeletal remodeling in pancreatic cancer.” Cancer letters526 (2022): 155-167.


  • Tuntithavornwat, S, Wang, C, Konstantopoulos, K. A Novel Microfluidic Platform to Study Galvanotaxis during Confined Cell Migration. 2019 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting (AIChE), Orlando, FL, November. (Oral Presentation)
  • Tuntithavornwat, S, Wang, C, Konstantopoulos, K. Electric Field Modulates Cell Phenotype And Migration In A Confined Environment. 2019 Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Philadelphia, PA, October. (Oral Presentation)
  • Tuntithavornwat, S, Wang, C, Konstantopoulos, K. A Microfluidic Model of Cancer Cell Dissemination from A Tumor Site Via Electric Field. 2018 Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Atlanta, GA, October. (Oral Presentation)
  • Tuntithavornwat, J. A. King and C. L. Heldt, Improving the Durability of Graphene Composite Sensors for Robust Biosensors, (Oral presentation, ACS Spring Meeting San Diego, CA March 2016)

Professional Profile

  • Graduate teaching award, Michigan Technological University
  • Royal Thai government scholarship
  • R&D Engineer, Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited
  • Assistant to the CEO, Sonich Starch Technology Co., Ltd.