It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you all to our humble online home, the Chemical Engineering Department website, where you can find news, activities, and information on academic matters, related to the Chemical Engineering Department.

The Department was established in 1990 in the Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University, Salaya campus in Nakhonpathom area with a vision to implement interdisciplinary teaching and research towards world class engineering and industrial drive with innovation. Our mission is to provide a platform for instruction and supervision of both undergraduate and graduate students for their life-long learning in order to discover new frontiers and propagate knowledge through research, serving communities and industries. As a matter of fact and in doing so, a chemical engineer can effectively contribute to the various aspects of the society. We offer our students the world-class choices of working in a wide variety of fields related to alternative energy comprising bio-ethanol, fuel cells, and bio-oil; outstanding advanced materials including nanomaterials, bioplastics, and drug release coatings; and industrial processes utilizing reactors, processors, distillers and fermenters.

We are proud that our faculty members have worked on a new design of bio-ethanol fermenter; conversion of flue gas to liquid fuels; transforming agricultural, municipal and industrial wastes to liquid fuels; enhancing the yield of valuable products from sugar fermentation process; synthesis of grapheme-supported metal oxide catalysts; developing advanced materials for fuel application; process optimization in chemical plants; developing new food processing techniques; and drug controlled release studies. They have established strong research networks with the industry, government sector, national laboratories, and international partners. This allows our students to work with a number of high profile researchers both from within and outside Mahidol University, enjoy financial support from various sources, and obtain valuable experience in working with teams both in academia and industry.

Our students after graduation have found their professional paths as a production engineer in petroleum industries, a member of the research and development team in petrochemical plants, a business owner, a project manager in electricity generation plant, a sales engineer, etc. We are always extremely delighted by welcoming them to our several department activities which include annual sport day, teacher appreciation day, New Year celebration, and department reunion.

This is my great pleasure to invite the prospective students, parents, staffs, and friends to be part of our growing community for building a great future in an excellent learning environment of this greenest and world-class Thai University.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Wanida Koo-amornpattana