Master Degree in Integrated Chemical Engineering
                (International Programme)
            Our multidisciplinary program offers students great opportunities to explore in a wide range of innovative areas, including food and bioprocess technology, pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, and advance materials. Our faculties enjoy research opportunities in collaboration with exceptional organizations inside and outside Mahidol University, gaining access to advance research facilities and financial resources. The programs are opening to all applicants with Bachelor degree in chemical engineering, other fields of engineering, and sciences, that are well familiar with key concepts of chemistry.
Plan A2: Course works (26 credits) + Thesis (12 credits) 
Program structure
  Plan A2 
Fundamental course (upon individual)  No credits
Core courses 14
Elective courses  12
Thesis 12
Total 38
Study plan
Plan A2 (with summer program) 
Year  Semester 1  Semester 2 
EGCH 5xx Fundamental course * 3(3-0-6)
EGCH 5xx Fundamental course * 3(3-0-6)
Total 0 credit
1 EGCH 601 Computational Techniques in Chemical Engineering 3(3-0-6)
EGCH 603 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3(3-0-6)
EGCH xxx Elective course 6(3-0-12)
EGCH 607 Advanced Transport Phenomena 3(3-0-6)
EGCH 602 Statistical Process and Experimental Design 2 (2-0-4)
EGCH 691 Current Chemical Engineering Research Seminar 1 (1-0-2)
EGCH 692 Research Methodology 1(1-0-2)
EGCH xxx Elective course 6(6-0-12)
Total 12 credits Total 13 credits
Summer   EGCH 693 Project work 1(0-7-7)  
Total 1 credit  
2   EGCH 698 Thesis 6(0-18-0) EGCH 698 Thesis 6(0-18-0) 
Total 6 credits  Total 6 credits







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  Dept.of Chemical Engineering,
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