Program Educational Objectives

Consistent with the missions of the Mahidol University and the Faculty of Engineering, the Mechanical Engineering program has established the following Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) in three major fields. Upon completion of the program, graduates have knowledge and abilities as follows:

PEO1: Graduates apply technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, they have acquired to solve complex problems in Mechanical Engineering and to design and build Mechanical systems as well as interdisciplinary concepts such as electromechanical, robot systems.
PEO2: Graduates employ entrepreneurial and innovative thinking skills to practice their crafts proficiently and competently in the field of Mechanics, Energy, Automation, and/or Automotive Engineering; and actively pursue new knowledge and skills through advanced learning and research in pursuit of growth in their careers.
PEO3: Graduates practice their mechanical engineering professionally and ethically while ensuring to address applicable concerns on public safety, environmental impacts, and significant social issues.

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