B.Eng. Information

The Faculty of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Program adhere to the general admission policy of Mahidol University based on the Association of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand (TCAS).

The admission composes of four rounds: 1) The portfolio and candidate interviewing, 2) The university’s quota system, 3) The TCAS admission, and 4) The central admission system. More information at https://tcas.mahidol.ac.th/

The portfolio process is organized by the TCAS. The requirements for portfolio admission include a grade point average (GPA), an average point from high school of Physics, Mathematics, and English along with activities records, awards and other competitions. All above information is announced to public as well as the name of candidates who pass the first round of admission, which ends up in March of the year. The quota system is organized by the university, an applicant who lives in neighborhood area of the university’s campus can select only one program. The requirements for admission such as exam scores or GPA from high school are announced to public as well as the name of candidates who pass the second round of admission. The processes of the second round of admission ends up in May of the year. The TCAS admission is also organized by the university. An applicant from all area of the country can apply with the same requirement and procedure as the second round. The process of the third round ends up in June of the year. The fourth round or the central admission system is run by the Association of the Rector of Thailand and the Office of the Higher Education Commission. Candidates can apply for four programs which are then ranked and submitted for the interview only one program in July.  

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, the students must complete 144 credits based on program’s requirements. Students have to check the course record at the fourth-year level. All students must complete the following areas of study to graduate:

  • General education (24 credits) 
    • Including Mahidol Literacy, Health Literacy, Science and Environmental Literacy
      Intercultural & Global Awareness Literacy, Civic Literacy, Finance and Management Literacy
  • Required Courses (114 credits)
    • Math & Sciences (30 credits)
    • Basic Engineering (34 credits)
    • Mechanical Engineering (30 credits) 
    • ME Laboratory (7 credits) 
  • Free elective courses (6 credits) 
  • Engineering Training (3 credits) 

To graduate, students must earn a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.00. The Commission on Higher Education also requires that a student must study at least three years before qualifying for graduation. Students are required to request for their graduation and to check the printed course record provided by the Academic Affairs Units before their last semester. They need to update themselves about the graduation information at the Academic Affairs Unit. Only students who have completed all course requirements within the second semester can attend the graduation ceremony in that academic year.

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